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Stoilensky installing equipment at new pelletizing plant

The new pelletizing plant, which will be the largest in Europe with a capacity of over 6 million tonnes of pellets per year is being constructed as part of NLMK Group’s Strategy 2017. The new plant will enable NLMK to cost-effectively produce the pellets needed by Lipetsk site blast furnace operations in-house, instead of purchasing them.

«The new plant is one of the largest and most modern industrial projects currently under construction in Russia. It was designed using the best available technologies and equipment. Plant construction is going full steam ahead. We have set a good pace last year and we intend to keep up the speed and launch the plant in 2016 as scheduled for Stoilensky’s 55th anniversary,» Sergei Napolskikh, General Director of Stoilensky, said.

Roller screens for sorting bulk materials and 900 m³ bunkers have been installed at the future plant’s pelletizing sections where raw pellets are going to be produced from a mix of iron ore concentrate, precast concrete and other charge components.

Pellet cars are being installed in the thermal processing section where pellets are dried and baked. A total of 244 cars will be used to transport the raw materials along the thermal treatment process chain. Mixer units and conveyors have also been assembled.

According to planning, deliveries of process equipment to all main sections of the pelletizing plant will have been completed by the end of 2015. Parallel to this, start up activities will begin in November 2015. Wall erection, roofing and painting activities will be completed by January 2016.

Stoilensky (NLMK Group) is one of the three leading Russian iron ore-mining companies. The company accounts for over 15% of Russia’s total iron ore production.

Stoilensky is unique in combining high efficiency with low production costs and the very highest production quality. Its main products are iron ore concentrate and sinter ore and it has commercial reserves of around 5 billion tonnes.

NLMK Group’s Strategy 2017, announced in February 2014, is focused on unlocking the internal potential of the Group’s businesses by boosting operational and process efficiency and increasing self-sufficiency in its main raw materials. The strategy is aimed at developing a world-class resource base for the Group by increasing self-sufficiency in iron ore with a flexible feed structure to 100% (pellets, sinter, sinter ore) and reducing consumption of valuable resources.

As part of Strategy 2017, the largest pelletizing plant in Europe is being built at Stoilensky with a capacity of approximately 6 million tonnes of iron ore pellets per year. The programme will also involve increasing production of iron ore concentrate by 0.5–1 million tonnes per year through operational streamlining.