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The coal is used in many industrial areas, worldwide. Most important application areas for coal are in the power industry, steel production, cement production and other significant industrial processes.


For example, the coking coal is used as resources for production of coke. Our company has some exlusive marketing agreements, especially with many Russian mines and colliery. In addition, we possess our own excellent sources for additional products. Just ask us for your desired type of coal.

Here you will find some examples of our product range:

  • Steam coal
  • Cocking coal
  • Anthracite
  • PCI coal
  • Domestic coal (e.g. DPK)

All our products are available in different grits, brands, preparations and in a desired packaging. If necessary, we can handle the logistics, too. Here we focus on the supplies from Russia and former CIS countries to Europe and Asia.

Coal is the most important energy resources for all industries worldwide - Ask us! Because coal trading, it is our business!