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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has become a very important part of our modern society. Today, the trend of environmentally conscious living is not a temporary appereance anymore. It started to be an important needfulness or rather a contribution to the preservation of our environment. To make a contribution to protecting the environment, our company has expanded the product range with wood pellets, wood briquetess and another biofuels.


Wood pellets are made from wood, it is a renewable raw material. Consequantly, it is an ideal alternative to oil or gas heating, because the wood production and product offer are not strongly depended on the energy crises.

One further alternative of our product range are the wood briquettes. They have high heat value and need less place requirement. This is an advantage for consumers who don’t have enough place to store.

Additional fuels of our product range are biofuels.

Here are some products of our delivery range:

  • Wood pellets
  • Char coal
  • Wood briquetess
  • Bio fuel

Lets heat with the modern and environmentally friendly products of renewable energy. Every product inquiry is handled individually and on your desired criteria.