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Update of General Terms and Conditions


Information about data protection in according with art. 14 EU-DSGVO is added.

CrefoZert für EKC.AG


The finance stability and sustainability of EKC.AG, was confirmed by Creditreform organization by issuing the CrefoZert.

Conversion into Joint Stock Company


We changed our legal form into a Joint Stock Company (JSC)

ISO 9001:2015


We proudly to announce that the EK-COMPANY GmbH & Co. KG, are no norm conform with the new business rules as per ISO 9001:2015 which are released last year, are now our standard in the group.



Our team has many years of experience in these business fields. With our offices in Würzburg (Germany), Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg (Russia), Tianjin (China) and worldwide network of partners, it is possible for us to offer a reliable and long-term service.

The procurement of raw material and delivery to the customer occur with a stabil quality, fair market prices and efficient logistics worldwide. Reason for this is that we have own mines and productions, as well some exclusive licences to sell and long-term supplying contracts with our partners in Europe,  Eurasia and Asia.

We deliver our products and resources - fast, reliably and to each location worldwide!


Image: Minerals

Most industrial minerals has become an indispensable raw material for the most of industrial production processes. They are very important components of the steel and refractory industry, foundries and metallurgy but also in the electronics, plastic, ceramics and abrasives industry.


Image: Energy

In the constantly changing world, the energy demand of the companies and countries increases year by year. Our company has set itself the task to meet this demand requirement as efficiently as possible. The main focus of our company involves coke and coal sector, includig preparation and logistics.


Image: Logistics

We are your logistic partner! It is equal, whether sea freight, rail freight or truck freight, we are your reliable logistics partner for your goods. Thanks to us, you will get a wide range of services and, therefore, more efficient logistics.