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Transportation and logistics via railcars

The rail transport is a lucrative and low-cost alternative to the conventional transport such as trucks on the road. Moreover, the transportation by rail is relatively fast and reliable, even for medium and long distances. By the higher charge capacity of the freight cars, in comparison to the trucks, it is possible to transport a large amount of bulk material. In addition, this transport option is highly compatible with the transport by sea.



Through our own strong organization and reliable partnership cooperations in Europe, Asia, Russia and former CIS countries, it is possible for you to have an access to a wide spreaded rail network with rail freight wagons.

Special requirements, which have the rail networks between European Union and the former CIS countries, namely the different track gauges between the rails - Russia, former CIS countries, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia have a track gauge of 1520 mm and European Union 1435 mm -, we can solve with our long-standing cooperative relationships in Brest (Belarus) and Sławków(Poland). In these locations, we are able to reload your freight or goods of European wagons into the Russian wagons and vice versa.

In addition, it is possible for us to store temporarily the freight, to repackage, to secure and to perform the customs clearance (im-/export) for you. Our company is mainly specialized on the logistics of coal, coke and various minerals, as well as other bulk materials.

Even large and at first glance unusual transport routes do not place any problems for us. We analyze each transport project in a professional and detailed way. Then we try to find out the best and most appropriate transportation route for the respective project and, finally, we realize it!